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What Is Inbound Creators?

Inbound Creators was created to was created by and for the passionate entrepreneur looking to grow and thrive with their business. We empower side hustlers, business owners and content creators to create stand-out brands on their websites and social media through our Top 3 Pillars:

I. Search Engine Marketing

II. Data Analytics

III. Data-Driven Strategy


You Have A Hard Time Engaging and Connecting With Your Target Audience On Google Ads

Your Current Agency Is only Expert at Technicals of Google Ads with no Knowledege in Data Analysis

You Want To Get Marketing Help Along With Google Ads

You Want a Data Analyst Professional to Work On Your Google Ads Rather Than a Google Ads Technician

Hey I'm Kevin
Your Google Ads Strategist

Failed Engineer Turned Google Ads Addict & Data Analyst Spending $100 k/mo Profitably

I am a failed engineer turned solo entrepreneur & Google Ads Addict. As a certified Google Partner I am more than qualified to manage your PPC ads. How did I get here?

Being clueless about my passion & career, I went with the flow and earned a Master of Science Degree in Chemical/Environmental Engineering from Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA. Thinking that I would help my father in his chemical business.

After coming back from the USA, I joined my father's business and found that it was running with all the old school marketing techniques. Hence, I decided to replace it with modern digital marketing techniques and expand overseas sales/export using google ads. This is when I found the real power of inbound marketing and realised the potential of the world's most powerful marketing platform.

Seeing the success, my family members started giving me the tasks to expand their businesses abroad using google ads. During this time I found my true obsession & passion, paid traffic via Google Ads and decided to become a professional and help brands and business owners across the globe.

Kevin Kaneria


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Monthly Google Ads Management

  • Complete Website Review To Improve Conversion Rates
  • Review Current Google Analytics Data
  • Build a Suspension Proof Google Merchant Account
  • Install Google Tag Manager To Track Conversions
  • Install Shopify Dynamic Remarketing Tools
  • Optimize Product Data For Algorithm Success
  • Review Past Google Ad Data To Align With Future Goals
  • Campaigns Designed by Applying Marketing Concepts

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